| Areas Of Learing

Areas Of Interest

Our Curriculum is designed to bring out the Holistic Development in the Minds

By promoting all the areas of learning by giving equal weightage on the Left and Right Brain Activities, Area s includes Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Global Perspective , ICT, Language, Arts, Socio Emotional learning, Life Skills / EVS, STEM, Physical Education.

4.5 - 10.5 Years

Primary Years Learning

i2Global PYL focuses on the overall development of the child in Holistic way, and prepares them to become a lifelong learner. Our program is supported by a world renowned IGCSE curriculum and well framed lesson plans. Our methodologies are framed in such a way to nurture the young minds with inquiry and offer a lot of opportunities to explore. In i2G PYL, we lay the foundation of a growth mindset for the students to face the challenges of work and life in the 21st century. Our Mentors are always considered as Co-learners and not just the provider of knowledge.


i2G Maths Program is designed in such a way where it is incorporated into units or taught as a stand alone lessons, which is divided as follows


Numbers and numerals


Data handling


Measurements / Values


shape and space


Patterns and Functions


Quantity and Mass

Mastery is our Core focus of our mathematical instruction, as it promotes higher- level Thinking with the focus on relationship and connection. Our curriculum is comprised of computational skill, estimation and use of Mathematical Tools.


i2G we are committed to promoting Multilingualism, Here students have an opportunity to select second language and will be introduced with the additional language

Grade 1 & 2 Can select Hindi or Tamil as their second language and other language would be introduced at the minimal level.From Grade 3 onwards the student gets the opportunity to learn additional foreign language.

Science & Social Studies

Social studies and science are delivered entirely within the units of inquiry. There are specific standards and benchmarks connected to each unit.

Our social studies programme allows students to learn about topics and concepts in a unique environment, human systems and economic activities social organisations and culture continuity and change through time human and natural environment resources and the environment Science As students learn about science concepts, they develop the skills and processes needed to support scientific understandings, which include: observing, measuring, explaining, scientific vocabulary, interpreting and questioning, planning and carrying out investigations, predicting and testing, interpreting and evaluating, and representing and communicating.Science topics are: living things earth and space materials and matter forces and energy.


STEAM at i2G is an Engaging interdisciplinary Activity Based Learning, where the child learns how the different disciplinary intersects in each activities

In the areas of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART AND MATHS. Our STEM program kindles the nature curiosity, collaboration, creativity and communication in young children across kindergarten till PYP. i2G STEAM focuses on Authentic connection of Real life problems from multiple perspectives, Our Children will be most of the time exposed in the MAKERSPACE for stimulating STEAM experience.

Digital Literacy

i2G does not support Technology invading an individuals, But at the same time we wants our young Learners to be a Digital literates. Technology is integrated into the curriculum and classroom activities in order to provide rich and meaningful 21st century learning experiences. Our ‘programme ensures our students learn how to think critically and ethically as they harness technology in their learning; behave safely and appropriately online; identify what information is important online; and use technology as a tool to showcase their skills and talents.

Life Skills

i2G being a life school we give equal emphasis on Life skills and Academic development.

We incorporate rich Values like Respect, Empathy, Humanity, Manners, resilience, love ..etc Adding to the values we also bring in life coaches to get out future ready citizens to get trained in Public speaking, personality development, Body Language etc..