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1.5 - 4.5 Years

Early years Learning - Pre schooling the Reggio way

i2Global EYL is inspired by one of the finest learning methodologies of the world "Reggio Emilia" , a philosophy that relates to many languages of children and it's a blend with Howard Gardner's Multiple intelligence which derives its pedagogy based on a particular child's learning pattern. We have always believed that teaching is a very noble profession and a skilled, competent and a passionate teacher can bring out the best in any child. We have worked hard in this direction and today we can boast that we have highly effective teaching staff clubbed with enriching & a safe environment which is not only regulatory compliant but every minute aspect is taken care of well.

4.5 - 10.5 Years

Primary Years Learning

i2Global PYL focuses on the overall development of the child in Holistic way, and prepares them to become a lifelong learner. Our program is supported by a world renowned IGCSE curriculum and well framed lesson plans. Our methodologies are framed in such a way to nurture the young minds with inquiry and offer a lot of opportunities to explore. In i2G PYL, we lay the foundation of a growth mindset for the students to face the challenges of work and life in the 21st century. Our Mentors are always considered as Co-learners and not just the provider of knowledge.

10.5 - 13.5 Years

Lower Secondary Program

This program is specially crafted for the children of Grade 6-8, it helps the student to proceed in the next step of education, with clear understanding of their path and moving forward in the IGCSE framework. Our methodologies support the growing needs of the children in their well being, creativity, curiosity and academic goals. Our Mentors are equipped in such a way to deliver high quality guidance to the children and to shadow them throughout this phase of their learning journey.