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Early Years Learning

Primary Years Learning

Lower Secondary

  • Only Real School in Virtual Environment.
  • Not an app based learning, Real time observation by Real teachers
  • 99% interactive & 100% Virtual classes
  • Wide range of extra curricular activities
  • Exposure to all the aspects of regular schooling - Events, celebrations , annual Graduation, PTM, etc
  • Physical Wellbeing is taken care with regular yoga, warm up sessions, eye exercises..etc
  • 360 degree profiling & 365 days observation.
  • Valid certificates on completion.

  • Expression of interest
  • Application formality
  • Documentation & Confirmation
  • Admission Confirmation with Enrollment No
  • VID Generation
  • On Boarding

  • Formative ongoing
  • Formative Check points
  • Interims
  • Summative assessment.

Engaged Children

0+ Hours
Happy & Safe learning

Enthusiastic mentors

I2Global virtual School is one of its kind online schooling which provides
“Real Schooling Experience in Virtual Environment”.

Let your child get all the privileges of Real Schooling from the Safest place without getting exposed to any Environmental Hazards, either During Pandemic or Post Pandemic.

Learning@ i2Global Virtual School includes:

  • Academic Development – English, Maths, Science, Global perspective, ICT, Language-2
  • Physical Development - Regular and Consistent Yoga, Brain Gym activity, Eye relaxation & Warm up exercise to keep the Learners physically active & healthy.
  • Social Development – 99% interactive session.
  • Emotional Development- Special Emphasis on EI, Life skills, Value Education...etc.
  • Cognitive Development – by providing a Wide range of Age-appropriate Enrichment Activities like Dance, Phonetics / Communicative English, Coding, Chess, STEM, Art. etc.

How i2Global Virtual School differs from other online programs:

  • I2Global Virtual School provides 99% interactive live sessions with the Mentors and peer Group for exchanging Knowledge & developing interpersonal skills.
  • I2Global offers international curriculum @ affordable cost.
  • We are committed to maintain a small batch size to provide individual attention to all the Learners.
  • Choice of 2nd Language.
  • Ongoing Assessment to track the Learners development.
  • Regular Parent Teacher meeting.
  • Year beginning observation session to understand the Learners on whole by 360-degree profiling & MI mapping.
  • Happy Learning with all celebrations, Events, Project summit, Annual meet...etc.

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