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Over the period of 3 months will stand a chance to win Laptop, Smartwatch, wireless speakers & much more

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What is i2Global Scholarship Test (ICAT)?
"ICAT is a nationwide scholarship test offering up to 90% scholarships for subscriptions to IIT JEE, NEET UG, Foundation, and Board Preparation courses. It's free to participate and provides learners with the opportunity to learn from India's top educators while securing attractive scholarships."
ICAT (I2Global Candidate Assessment Test)

The ICAT aims to evaluate candidates skills and competencies across various domains

Nationwide Scholarship Test

The eligibility criteria for these tests may vary depending on the organizing body and the specific scholarship program.

Free Participation

Free participation encourages knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas among participants from diverse backgrounds.

Learning from India's Top Educators

Courses and educational content developed by top educators are often known for their high quality.

Exam Details

Eligibility (Grades)

Open to students from Grade 8 to Grade 12.


Mode of Exam

Available online modes for accessibility across India.


Slots of Exam

Various exam slots from April 10th to April 30th cater to students' scheduling needs

Registration Details
registration processregistration process
Why I2Gloabl?
Over the period of 3 months will stand a chance to win Laptop, Smartwatch, wireless speakers & much more
tickExpert Facultyarrow
i2Global prides itself on a team of dedicated expert educators who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our classrooms. Our faculty members are not just teachers, but mentors who are deeply invested in each child's academic success and personal growth. They utilize innovative teaching methods to ensure that learning is engaging, relevant, and cutting-edge.
tickComprehensive Studyarrow
Our curriculum is meticulously designed to be comprehensive, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that covers all essential aspects of their chosen subjects. At i2Global, we believe in building a strong foundation with a focus on critical thinking and problem-solving skills that prepares students for the challenges of higher education and beyond.
tickAll-India Test Seriesarrow
The All-India Test Series at i2Global is a strategic learning tool that allows students to benchmark their performance against peers nationwide. These tests are crafted to mirror the pattern of national exams, providing students with the practice and confidence needed to excel in competitive academic environments.
tickPersonalized Supportarrow
Every student at i2Global benefits from personalized support tailored to their individual learning style and pace. Our educators take the time to understand each student's unique needs, providing customized guidance and resources that ensure no child is left behind and every student has the opportunity to shine.
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Network with leading educators and successful alumni to inspire and inform your journey forward.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers! Embarking on your educational journey is a big step, and we know you have questions. Our FAQ section is designed to give you clear, straightforward answers about the i2Global's Candidate Assessment Test (iCAT)
What is the i2Global's Candidate Assessment Test (iCAT)?arrow
The iCAT is a scholarship examination conducted by i2Global designed to assess the academic prowess of students from Class 8 to Class 12. It aims to identify and reward meritorious students with scholarships and other academic benefits.
Who is eligible to take the iCAT?arrow
The iCAT is open to all students currently enrolled in Classes 8 through 12.
How can I register for the iCAT?arrow
Students can register for the iCAT through the i2Global website or by Filling our registration form directly.
What is the format of the iCAT?arrow
The iCAT is a timed test that includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Details about the number of questions, sections, and duration will be provided upon registration.
How and when will I receive my iCAT results?arrow
Results are typically released within a few weeks after the test date. Students will be notified via email or can check their results by logging into their account on the i2Global website.
How should I prepare for the iCAT? arrow
i2Global may provide preparation material or recommend resources. It's advised that students review their school curriculum and practice sample questions available given by our team.
Where will the iCAT be conducted?arrow
The iCAT is conducted online. Specific details will be provided upon completing the registration process

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